Frequently Asked Questions



Do you buy books? What type of books are you interested in and what books don't you buy? Do you buy whole collections?


Yes. We buy any books that we can resell.

Bring them to the store and we will go through the books while you wait, or you can drop them off anytime the store is open, then go shopping or out for lunch, and return later.

Call us at (540) 886-0651 before you bring in a large number of books or boxes of books.

We buy books in all genres, but we are especially interested in Virginiana, Art, Architecture, Children's and Juvenile Series books.

We do not buy books that are missing text, heavily damaged, mildewed, highlighted, been written in, or that have been stored/treated with mothballs HOWEVER THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS: occasionally a book is considered rare or scarce or collectible enough for us to purchase and resell even if it is damaged.

We do not buy magazines or Reader's Digest Condensed books.



Where do you get your books?


We are true bookaholics and look for books everywhere. Most of our books come from private sellers, estate sales and yard sales. Occasionally we buy remainders for resale or order books from other dealers.

We also frequent library sales, auctions, other bookstores, the Green Valley Book Fair and yes, even recycling centers (mostly for esoteric technical manuals and that occasional discarded treasure) looking for unusual titles or good buys for our customers.

Any books we retire, or books that customers leave with us that we aren't going to sell, are donated to libraries, other non-profit groups, placed outside our store on our Free Books table, or taken to a recycling center.